Storybooks- for eliciting ditransitives with different arguments as the discourse topic

These materials were designed for a task which aimed to reveal the effect of discourse topic on object order and choice fo referring expression. Each of the three storybooks has a different argument as the discourse topic: the subject, the indirect object, and the direct object. 

The story with the subject as the discourse topic is a story of Bob the generous squirrel who likes to make his forest friends happy and gives them gifts to do so. At the end of the story, he receives a kiss from a girl squirrel and goes to bed happy. The story in which the indirect object is the discourse topic has Mina the grumpy cat as the protagonist: she is grumpy and her friends bring her things to cheer her up. None of the items that they bring cheer her up, but she is happy at the end of the story because her kittens have returned. The story with the direct object as the discourse topic is about a lost bell: a cat loses it in the meadow and is them passed on from animal to animal until it reaches the rightful owner. 

The storybooks were illustrated by Tanja Russita. The materials are not language specific and can be sued for eliciting ditransitive structures in languages other than Croatian. Please, cite the source material if you wish to use them.