Double Object Database

This database was created for my PhD project in order to provide an overview of what the children were hearing and producing when it comes to ditransitives.

The DODB is available for browsing here.
For browsing the DODB use the following credentials:

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  • Password: guest. 

The occurrences are taken from the CHILDES corpus (Kovačević 2002) and inserted into the database following specific criteria. The files used from CHILDES are from three Croatian children and both child and child directed speech have been inserted. The DODB allows sophisticated searches regarding the choices speakers, both adult and children, make when it comes to choosing the syntactic structure of objects in a ditransitive verb construction. The database is always open for the insertion of new occurrences. The structure at the moment fits the needs for Croatian double object constructions, but it can be adapted to accommodate other languages as well. Please contact me at [email protected] if you wish to do so.

At the moment the DODB contains 1141 occurrences distributed in 35 categories of object order which are specified based on the following criteria: object order which also includes omissions (DO-IO, IO-DO, only DO, and only IO); the case of the objects(s) (ACC, DAT, GEN, INS); and the referring expression (NP, PR, CL).Every occurrence is also coded for the properties that each object has, those are: accessible, focused, last mentioned, specific, animate, given, referential, syntactically persistent, contrastive focus, heavy, and salient