About Marta

velnic pictureI currently a researcher at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway and I am working on a project investigating dative alternation and object shift in Norwegian in collaboration with  Merete Anderssen. Here, I am part of the former Center of Excellence CASTL and the research groups LAVA and AcqVA.

I have a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Linguistic Science, both from Alma Mater Studiorum the University of Bologna (Italy), and I have completed my doctorate at UiT. You can download my full CV here.

In my PhD project “ Ditransitive structures in Croatian adult and child language: the role of animacy and givenness” I investigated how Croatian children acquire the possible word orders of dative alternation (Direct Object-Indirect Object/Indirect Object-Direct Object). Since Croatian has relatively free word order, another goal of this project was to understand what role givenness plays in structuring the information, how children use the various forms since all of them are possible but not equally appropriate in every context, and how this influences the choice of the form of the two objects (NP, Pronoun, or Clitic). The dissertation was article-based and it spurted four papers, all of which are available in the Publications section.

I am also interested in the acquisition of gender and am currently working on a paper that compares the acquisition times of Croatian and Italian children. I am also currently conducting a follow-up study on Croatian word order, more precisely the influence of animacy and givenness on word order in Croatian ditransitives (adult native speakers). 

Due to the academic influence of LAVA and AcqVA, I will shortly be starting a PostDoc project with AcqVA at NTNU on Cross-Linguistic Influence in Norwegian-Italian bilinguals. 

Other than a Linguist, I am a mum of a lovely three-year-old boy; I enjoy baking and playing board games.